Tisha & Shimana acted in Murad Parvej’s four dramas

Tisha & Shimana acted in Murad Parvej’s four dramas

Director Murad Parvej did four drama’s with actress Tanjin Tisha & Shimana. His production house Film Hawker is making these drama’s on their banner. He wrote and directed two plays among four plays.

He made the drama ‘Ontomil’ based on 3 women’s life stories. They did the shooting at Srimongol. Tanjin Tisha, Shumona Shoma, Shompa Reja acted in it. His another directed and written drama is ‘shotero din’. Sumona Shoma, Tajnin Tisha and Ahsan are acting in it.

Left 2 plays were written by Murad Parvej. Arko Mustofa directed ‘Shomporko’. Irfan Sajjad, Shimana, Kabir Tithi acted in it. His other drama ‘Hothat roddur’ was directed by Rintu Parvej. Irfan Sajjad & Shimana acted in it.

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