Symon and Alisha Pradhan movie 'Ajante Valobasha’

Symon and Alisha Pradhan movie ‘Ajante Valobasha’

Symon and Alisha Pradhan movie ‘Ajante Valobasha’

The film ‘Ajante Valobasha’ directed by AJ Rana. For the first time Symon Sadik and Alisha Pradhan tie a pair in this movie. The film shooting did a long time ago. Recently the film has submitted to censor board.

Director AJ Rana said, “Film shooting has done a long ago. It takes little time to finish full work due to have some problem. After, getting censor certificate we will release the film in a suitable time.

Film shooting has started from March 2014 in the banner of Chuadanga cholochitro. Then shooting has done in various locations, including Dhaka. It has five songs. It was Symon and Alisha’s first pair in the film and it was alisha starring third movie.  Symon Sadik starring movie ‘Pure Jay mon’ will release all over the country on 29 January. Apurbo Rana directed this movie and Pori moni acted in this movie against Symon.

Alisha Pradhan came in cinema by Chashi Nazrul Islam directed movie ‘Vul Jodi Hoy’. This talented movie maker’s two movies ‘Vul Jodi Hoy’ and ‘Antaranga’ already has released in theaters.

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