Short film 'Rajputtur' based on Rabindranath's story 'She'

Short film ‘Rajputtur’ based on Rabindranath’s story ‘She’

Short film ‘Rajputtur’ based on Rabindranath’s story ‘She’

Short film ‘Rajputtur’ got clearance and it’s made for children. A group of 7-8 years old children acted in this film. ‘Rajputtor’ is script & direction by Tokon Thakur’s. Director said this movie’s exhibition will start recently at Shilpokola Academy’s auditorium.

Director Tokon Thakur said, Shilpokola Academy will take a decision on this movie’s exhibition. It’s not confirmed yet when will the exhibition begins. He said, “In the movie old poet’s daughter-in-law Pupedi and her play partner Shukumar’s story has been portrayed.

The culture ministry called for a short film about Robindranath Tagore’s writings for the celebration of the birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore. ‘Rajputtur’ is the first movie, which is done in this ministry’s finance. This film is built on Robindranath’s story ‘She’.

Tokon Thakur is working on another film on the grant of the ministry of Information and it is based on Shohidul Jahir’s story ‘kata’.


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  1. March 4, 2016

    Hmmm…I just went to an exhibition yteserday at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (known locally as “The Art Museum”) (or, sadly, “that place with the steps Rocky ran up), of the work of Nandahal Bose (I just massacred the guy’s name, but too lazy to look it up) and other Indian artists who mixed the traditional with the modern and–this is where this comment gets relevant to your post–there was a lot there about both Rabindrath Tagore and his son, both of whom had great amounts of influence on these artists. He’s someone I’ve been thinking for a while that I should know more about, and this spurred me to think about maybe actually learning something about hims and reading some of his writing…and, now, a day or so later, you’ve gotten me started. Thank you.


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