short film Lottery

Short film Lottery released on youtube

Short film Lottery released on  youtube

Short film Lottery released on  youtube”Lottery” is the 8th short film from Hawai MiThai Production which is scripted and directed by Jishan Morshed.

Lottery is a story about human behavior and greediness. The story started with a Lottery which is found by a very normal service holder and the story goes on. A very interesting theme is chosen by the director and storytelling technique is very familiar to understand all kinds of audience. The director has played a character with Enam Ripon, Ontika Onti and Rana Yousuf. The director was cinematographer and editor along with Habib Rahman. The art director was Nafij Bindu, who is a dedicated theater artist and a founder member of Hawai MiThai Production. The Director said. “I cannot do this short film with my team Hawai MiThai Production and the other helping hand from our well-wishers, I would love to thank them all from my heart”

Hawai MiThai Production was started in 2015 and they’re working on the short film, but they dream to make a full-length feature film. They are struggling to stable as a filmmaker.

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