Shondhi and Porshi sang in 'Bak Bakum Valobasha'

Shondhi and Porshi sang in ‘Bak Bakum Valobasha’

Shondhi and Porshi sang in ‘Bak Bakum Valobasha’

A drama called ‘Bak Bakum Valobasha’ made for on the occasion of Valentines day. Singer Shondhi and Porshi sang a title song for this drama. The first two lines of the song are ” Mon Evabe Kade Keno, Je Ratri Din Tomake Vabe”. Lyrics and tune did by Shondhi.

He said, ” Usually I do not sing if I do not get a response from my heart. This is the song which I sang from my heart. I believe everyone will love this song.

On Thusday, the song has been recorded in the studio of Shondhi.

The drama was written and directed by Rubayet Mahmud. Rubayet said about his drama and song. “Bak Bakum Valobasha” is totally a love story. A new girl Eyarisha worked in this drama. He came forward from a Facebook competition. Sanjida Pretty and  Afran Nisho also worked in this drama.

Last year on December drama shooting was held at Faridpur.  

13 people died and blizzard hits New York

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