Sheikh Hasina won't tolerate any innuendo

Sheikh Hasina won’t tolerate any innuendo

Sheikh Hasina won’t tolerate any innuendo

I will not tolerate any innuendo to liberation war and freedom fighters, said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. She did not mention anyone by name, just said a leader of a group and its leaders and intellectuals has denied that 30 million martyrs have sacrificed their lives in the liberation war, it’s insulting for the freedom fighters. I condemn hateful speech and I won’t tolerate any innuendo. Build consensus against them. We are standing beside you. “

The two-year anniversary on Tuesday, the Prime Minister said in her speech to the nation. In her speech, she mapped the current government’s two years and five years of the previous government and highlighted the comparative period. In her speech, national politics, municipal elections, the BNP-Jamaat-hartal violence to block the program, a fair trial, the rule of law, national and international community of the progress, the sea victory., the implementation of the Land Boundary Agreement, the Padma bridge project, business development, education and health sector issues came up step by step.

She criticized the BNP and said,” BNP-Jamaat cannot tolerate democracy and development. They can’t take that. People will be at peace, live life with a smile, they cannot tolerate this. On 4 January 2015, BNP-Jamaat started terrorism and violence. The petrol bomb killed 1180 persons and fire killed 231 people and injured 1180. In addition, 2903 car arson, 18 trains and eight launches were fired.

The Prime Minister said, addressing Khaleda Zia, “people did not support these terrorist acts. They appear in court and return home with failure. She thanked people for Protest against the BNP-Jamaat ‘immoral blockade program’ and said “BNP-Jamaat’s terrorists are arrested. Their trial is in progress. The criminals who took your closest person’s life will be punished. “

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