Shakib Khan “Operation Agneepath”

Shakib Khan “Operation Agneepath” first look teaser

Shakib Khan “Operation Agneepath” first look teaser

“Operation Agneepath” is the most wanted movie in 2017. For the first time, Shakib Khan acting in Ashiqur Rahman’s movie.

The first look teaser was already released in December and as usual, It got viral with social media like Facebook and YouTube.

Nowadays Shakib Khan is one of the best actors in the Bangladesh movie industry. Director Ashiqur Rahman has made a film called “Musafir” with Arifin Shuvo. The film was a super hit. After the success of “Musafir”, his desire to make “Musafir-2” and “Operation Agneepath” with Shakib Khan.

All the fans of Shakib Khan were delighted to see the first teaser of “Operation Agneepath”. It seems like the star of Bangladesh is on the right path. New looks of Shakib Khan and the direction of Ashiqur Rahman obviously going to make a milestone with this movie.

Newcomer actress Shiba Ali Khan is the heroine in this movie. Her first movie was “Story of Samara”

‘Operation Agneepath’ is directed and Scripted by Ashiqur Rahman. Misha Sawdagor, Afzal Sharif, Tiger Robi, Kabila, Cindy Rolling and many others acted in this movie.

‘Operation Agneepath’ Jointly produced by Vertex Production House of Bangladesh and  Cinefact Media and Entertainment of Australia and the film will release next year.

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