Ruhi is acting with Kolkata’s hero Parambrata

Ruhi is acting with Kolkata’s hero  Parambrata

Ruhi is acting with Kolkata’s hero  Parambrata

Bangladeshi actors Ruhi is now acting in India’s Bengali film. The name of the film is “Glamour”. Director name is Mohua Chakraborty. Ruhi is acting with Kolkata’s hero  Parambrata. They took part in the shooting together on last Monday. Yesterday Ruhi had no works. Throughout the day, she was in the hotel. She said, “I met with Parambrata about a couple of years ago. After that, I did not have any contact. I am very glad to come here for acting. I have just one day of shooting.

Ruhi said about film story. “The film stories about the events of Glamour World. The story moves forward with me. I am a super model of this film. I am acting as Joanna Michelle in this film.”

The Directors Deal with the Ruhi about working in the film of glamour before 21 months ago. Ruhi said, “It has been delayed for various reasons to start the work. In this time, I was in contact with the director. Recently he came to Dhaka. He is talking a lot about his film work. We’ll work one month in various locations in Kolkata.”

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