Poetry Festival will begin on 1st February

Poetry Festival will begin on 1st February

Poetry Festival will begin on 1st February

The continuation of three decades, the National Council of the National Poetry Festival will begin on 1st February. This year’s slogan is ‘Kobita Shantir, Kobita Moitrir’. Syed Shamsul Haque will inaugurate this two-day festival on the premises of the Dhaka University Central Library. Bangladesh, India, Norway, Sweden, Malaysia, China and Taiwan’s poets will attend this national council organized a poetry festival.

Today (Friday) TSC temporary council office informed this by press conference.

The press conference was attended by the coordinator of the festival, the poet Rabiul Husain, co-ordinator poet Kazi Rozi, poet Muhammad Samad Council president, general secretary poet Tarik Shujat, former President Poet Habibullah Siraji, children’s author, Prof Anwara Syed Haque, poet Halim Azad, Harisul Haque.

It’s informed in the press conference that, the festival will run on 1st and 2nd February from 10am until 10pm.Poets who are selected by the special committee of the National Assembly can only read the poem on the poetry festival. For this Dhaka’s poets have to be paid 300 and outside of Dhaka poets have to pay 200 taka to register. Registration is going on at TSC’s poetry festival’s temporary office every day from 5 pm to 8 pm since 1st January. The program will be held until 31 January.

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