PM Sheikh Hasina urged future generation to proceed forward

PM Sheikh Hasina urged future generation to proceed forward

PM Sheikh Hasina urged future generation to proceed forward

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged the future generation to proceed forward with confidence. On Saturday, she urged this to the child scouts in the opening ceremony of 8th National Cub Campuri at Gonobhobon.

The government had also emphasized to open scouting at every primary school for ‘future manufacturer’ Children’s for the advance development of character, to create confidence and to increase love for the country and its people to make Bangladesh prosperous.

She said, “We want to start this Cub Scouting from the first layer in almost every school. That’s how to increase confidence in the boys and girls.

She believes that, it’ll train the children to increase love and responsibility towards the country besides the character development.

Cub Scouts include 6 to 10 years old children, Scouts includes 11 to 16 years old and from 17 to 25 years older are belonging to Rover Scouts in average. As per the information of Bangladesh Scouts website, its membership increased into 13 lakhs after opening scouts into this country from the year 1972 to 2013.
Sheikh Hasina also bought in Cub Campuri’s theme “Amra Korbo Joi” including the motivations of her Government to make hunger-poverty free and prosperous Bangladesh.

“Campuri’s theme is very well updated and exciting. Because Bangladesh is now proceeding ahead in the socioeconomic sector. No one can avoid Bangladesh now. “

“We’ll prosper every sector absolutely. I wish you’ll prosper in the future, whoever is taking part in this camp.”

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