Now Miles albums at online

Now Miles albums at online

Band “Miles” is one of the top Band in Bangladesh. There is a good news for the fans of “Miles”. All songs of the Band Miles will be available in online from 5 April.

Anyone can buy all the songs through Visa card, debit card, Bikash, by visiting the website . The albums are Protisruti, Prottasha, Prottoy, Proyash, Probaho, Protiddhoni.

Band member Hamin Ahmed said, It was our dream to release our songs with Digital Technology. Here comes the opportunity. We will release our next album online at fast.

Miles was announcing that they would release their new album Proticchob on Boishakh. However, the album did not show up to the market. Hamin said, “We have finished all song recording. Only the master mixing left. This work will be at abroad. We have decided to release it worldwide. We have also had some plans to campaign on this album. Therefore, we are taking the time to deliver it to the audiences. Hopefully, now the audience will not need to wait much longer.”

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