Nipun is so busy with her film career

Nipun is so busy with her film career

Actress Nipun recently contracting with Nayok Raj-Rajjak’s Film  “Kartuj”. This is the second time she contracting with Rajjak’s film. She will be in the main character in the film, engender by “Rajlokkhi” films. Earlier, she contracted for the film “Encounter”. Encounter film is base on Underworld stories. She will be acting against Shohan in this film.

Since Nipun is so busy with her film career. She had another two films in her schedule. We will visually perceive her in Mohammad Hossen’s film “I don’t Care”. Other stars of this film are Bappy and Adi. She is also in the film “Kader Shotru”; Amin Khan will be her co-star in this film.

Nipun starts her film career with the film “Pitar Ashon” in 2006. She awarded for the best performance for side character in the film “Shajghor” in 2006 and for the film “chader moto Bou” in 2009.

Now a days she is so diligent with her Film shooting, that she is never found a scope to acting on TV Media. She said, “I have decided not to work in TV right now, because I cannot find more time to work on TV. It’s too tough to match the schedules.” Nipun was seeing in the mega series ‘Red Signal”. She still has some offer to work on TV series.

Nipun consummate Shah Alam Kiron’s “Ekatturer Ma Jononi” and Ismot Ara Shanti’s film “Maya Nogor”. These two films are counting the day of release. Singer Agun will seen acting in the film “Ekatturer Ma Jononi”.

So, best wishes for Nipun.

“Ekattur-er Khudiram” directed by Mannan Hira

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