Ninth planet "Planet nine" found

Ninth planet “Planet nine” found

Ninth planet  “Planet nine” found

American scientists found a new planet in the Solar System. The researchers of the California Institute of Technology said, probably it is the real ninth planet, which object they have seen outer solar system, not Pluto. Researchers named the possible planet ‘planet nine’.

It is 10 times bigger than Earth. According to the researcher’s study, this new planet is orbiting 20 times farther than current outermost planet from the sun, Neptune. The eighth planet of the Solar System, Neptune, which is about 4.5 billion distances from the sun. So it would take between 10 to 20 thousand years to complete one full orbit around the sun.

We know that, the other planet of the Solar system is orbiting near-circular paths around the sun. But this expected planet has a highly elliptical trajectory. Thus, it would take much time around the sun. This planet would be a replacement of Pluto, scientists added. So it would be a ninth planet of the Solar System, not Pluto.

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