New war criminal among the new generation

New war criminal among the new generation

New war criminal among the new generation

Awamileague’s General Executor and Administration Minister Syed Ashraful Islam have complained, new war criminal has been created among the new generation. They do not believe in independence and sovereignty of Bangladesh. Do not want to believe freedom war. They malign great freedom war by calling turbulent month. Regretting matter is many believes that maligns.

He has complained this on Sunday evening at a meeting which organized of the remembering intellectual martyr in the assembly of the capital’s Engineering Institution.

Ashraful Islam said, as though we do not forget the spirit of freedom. Then our trust will be lost. If freedom war does not really exist in our mind, then Bangladesh as an independent state in the earth, perhaps no more.

He said, killing intellectual was appalling and planned massacre. This country as though could not stand on foot, that’s why the planned to kill our intellectual. Though got more few days could finish all intellectuals. Regretting matter is that nowadays this flow has continued.

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