Naila Nayem new video “Kar Jonno”, "PAPA CHIK CHIK"

Naila Nayem new video “Kar Jonno”, “PAPA CHIK CHIK”

Naila Nayem new video “Kar Jonno”, “PAPA CHIK CHIK”

Naila Nayem presents a sensational new music video of this new year 2017. Everyone was delighted with the presence of Naila Nayem in this music video. The Video Title “Kar Jonno” by Pritom Ahmed. After the music video “Vote for Thot”, for the second time, Naila Nayem acted in Pritom Ahmed’s music video.  “Vote for Thot” was a massive hit Song. The song sung, written and composed by Pritom Ahmed. After the success of “Vote for Thot,” Pritom Ahmed chose Naila Nayem for his song “kar Jonno”.

Pritom Ahmed said. ” we needed a girl who goes by lyrics of the song, Whose has a good, beautiful body. Care about her beauty. Seem she goes to the gym regularly. Naila Nayem is the perfect match for this song.”

In this song, Naila Nayem is seen in seductive dress and style. She goes to the beauty parlor, shopping and gym. She has also seen swimming in the swimming pool.

Naila Nayem also going to appear in a new music video called “PAPA CHIK CHIK”. The music video for this song will be released on 31 December 2016. Yet the shooting has been done. Singer HM Rana posted some picture on his Facebook. Where Naila Nayem has been seen dancing with HM Rana. Naila is very much exuberant about this music video. PAPA CHIK CHIK was directed by film director Ashiqur Rahman.

PAPA CHIK CHIK naila nayem

PAPA CHIK CHIK naila nayem

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