Movie “Shorbonasa Yaba” by Kazi Hayat

Kazi hayat (FILEminimizer)Movie “Shorbonasa Yaba” by Kazi Hayat

Famous film director Kazi Hayat has a great responsibility for our society by making entertainment and info rich movies. In this way, he directed ‘Shorbonasa Yaba’ which will describe the effect of the drugs. Director said, “Recently parents are murdered by the addicts Oisi which incident shook the entire nation as well as me. So trying to raise the awareness among the people I made ‘Shorbonasa Yaba’. I not only showing the effect of a drug but also showing how to leave it. So with my faith this movie will be not only just praiseworthy, but also keep some terrific role for our society, it will not be only for popularity, but also want to work for the people welfare”.

Kazi Hayat builds his 49th film ‘Shorbonasha Yaba” by his own text manuscript. The movie will be released soon after the edition work. Kazi Hayat, Kazi Maruf, Prosun Azad, Toma, Ashraf have played in this movie. Music is composed by Ahmed Saghir.

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