Movie “Independence Day Resurgence” trailer

Movie “Independence Day: Resurgence” trailer

Movie “Independence Day: Resurgence” trailer

Two decades ago, what happened that had known many of you? So this time is going to see 20 years later incident in the story. Previous Alien’s again come to destruction of the world. Human not ready to combat with them. Then what will be happening?

With the implication of such as story revealed “Independence Day: Resurgence” cinema’s two minute trailer. It is the sequel of si-fi blockbuster ‘Independence Day’ in 1996. It’s trailer telecast on 20th century fox’s YouTube channel on Sunday night. After that it became a top trend in twitter. Till now the trailer has seen more than ten million viewers. ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’s trailer is made with startling visual effect, action and strong dialogue. Listening from the main character’s voice, today once again we will fight for our freedom.

As long as life will have, they will continue to fight. People had been getting ready to fight against that terrible enemy for numerous days. But that somehow was not enough. Then few brave males and females stand against the enemy. Brought back earth from the threshold of destruction.
Previous episode was directed by Roland Emmerich. However, do not have main actor Will Smith. In the new episode have Jeff Goldblum from old cinema, Bill Pullman, Judd kirsch, Vivica Fox and Brent Spiner. Newly joined Liam Hemsworth, Jessie Usher,  Maika Monroe and many more.

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