Movie 'Astitto' music album released

Movie ‘Astitto’ music album released

Movie ‘Astitto’ music album released

The music video “Ayna Bolna’ from the movie “Astitto” got around three million hits on YouTube. Another song, “Ami Banglar Hero” got around 40 thousand hits. The album of the movie “Astitto” has published with all the songs including this two song.

On Sunday, album’s unwrap events was held in a restaurant of Gulshan. Stars of the film Arifin Shuvo and Tisha was present at this time.

In addition, the song writer Kabir Bakul, singer Dinat Jahan Munni and singer Ibrar Tipu was present there.Movie 'Astitto' Movie 'Astitto' Movie 'Astitto' Movie 'Astitto'

The song titled “Ayna Bolna” was sung by Nondita and Tahsan. Tune and music by Naved Parvej. “Ami Banglar Hero” was composed by Pritam Hasan. Pritam Hasan and Lemisa gave voice together for this song. Jahid Akbar, Mehedi Hasan Milon and Arjin Kamal have written two of the songs. Dance directed by Arif Rohan.

Story, screenplay and dialogues were written by Carlos Salah, Anonno Mamun, and Shomeshor oli. Suchorita, Sujata Azim, Nijhum Rubina, Don and many others were acted in this movie.

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