Miss Universe 2015 Winner Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo

Miss Universe 2015 Winner Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo

Miss Universe 2015 Winner Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo

This year’s world beauty contest related criticism is not appeased. No one will forgive without doing something about such incident in such program. The incident is about miss universe.

The presenter announced Colombia’s Ariadna Gutierrez’s name as miss universe. After she wore crowns and sash, she greeted the audience by waving her hand. At that moment, the presenter again announced that Miss Colombia was not miss universe. Miss Pia Alonzo Urtojbach from Philippine was miss universe.

Before that, the presenter said sorry to Miss Colombia & miss Philippine. However, social and media criticism of the mistakes has begun. All of this is highly condemned. This issue is currently the main content on Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

Mark Critch from Canada commented on twitter that “the winner is Miss Information”. After Miss Universe contests, video published on Facebook, it was shared almost 40 thousand times and 11 thousand people commented on it.

A person named Lemi Kliff commented. “Should ask for forgiveness to Two Beautiful Women. It is the ultimate insulting incident for both of them. I’m feeling bad for them, thinking what they are feeling”.

But for this, presenter Steve Harvey said in a twit message that, “I’m saying sorry for Miss Colombia & miss Philippine from the bottom of my heart”. It was re-twisted for more than 51000 times.

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