Lux Belle and actress Proshun Azad in “Shorbonasha Yaba”

Lux Belle and actress Proshun Azad  in “Shorbonasha Yaba”

Movie “Shorbonasha Yaba” directed by kazi Hayat. Lux Belle and actress Proshun Azad can be seen in this movie. Actor Kazi Maruf will play with her. Proshun expressed credence to prove herself in this film. She said. “Shooting has started after a long waiting. Having different feelings. My character in this movie is quite challenging. Hope to be able to prove myself.”

In this film, she acts as a DB-SI. She stands up against injustice in society.

She is also doing some more works in addition to “Shorbonasha Yaba”. She will see in Shafiqul Islam’s film Achena Hridoy, Biddut’s film “Raja Golam” and Bappa Raj’s film “Baiman”

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