Leonardo Dicaprio wins 73 golden globe award

Leonardo Dicaprio wins 73 golden globe award

Leonardo Dicaprio wins 73 golden globe award

Hollywood’s famous actor Leonardo Dicaprio win the best actor award in 73 golden globe award for acting in the central character of the movie ‘The Revenant’. This is Dicaprio’s 3rd golden globe victory. Before that he had the best actor award in 2014 for ‘the wolf of wall street ‘ and in 2015 for ‘the aviator ‘.

He also owned the drama category’s best film award for ‘the Revenant’ movie.

He beats Trumbo’s Bryan Cranston, Michael Fassbender for Steve jobs, the danish girl’s Eddie Redmayne, connection film’s Will smith and won ‘golden globe’.

Before the announcement of the award-winning he mentioned this year as ‘terrible’ for films and then he congratulated the actors who were nominated. Dicaprio said about the film, “The film is about fighting to survive.

It is the story of human triumph, most importantly, it is the story of faith.”

Another possibility is coming front to Dicaprio. Will he get the Oscar? He has a reputation for acting in the diverse role. He always gave his best all the time. Though he was nominated for five-times, but, elusive Oscar remains elusive to this potential actor. However, a quite a buzz going. As this Hollywood star actor went a step ahead to the Oscar by winning golden globe.

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