Kumar Bishwajit is publishing an album at “Pohela Boishakh”

Kumar Bishwajit is publishing an album at “Pohela Boishakh"

It has been a long time we did not get any album from our most favorite singer Kumar Bishwajit. The political situation is not so favorable to release an album and the Depression of our Audio market. He was additionally too diligent with his concert.

Now Kumar Bishwajit is publishing an album at “Pohela Boishakh”. The album title will be “Priyo Anuvob”. Twelve musical compositions will integrate in this album. There will many kings of song included one Chittagong and one Sylhet Regions song. In 1994, he made a song for Shuchitra Sen. This song will be on that album. He also decides to make some music video with his incipient album songs. The a lbums Lyric by Liton Adhikary Rintu, Kabir Bakul, Shahidullah Farayeji and many more.

Bishwajit said, “My listener was so much Deprived Over several days for my album. My new album will published on Pohela Boishakh.

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