Jon Kobir's new band 'Indalo' on YouTube

Jon Kobir’s new band ‘Indalo’ on YouTube

Jon Kobir’s new band ‘Indalo’ on YouTube

Popular Singer Jon Kobir’s new band ‘Indalo’ has published their new album ‘Kokhon Kibhabe Ekhane Ke Jane’ on You Tube.  After releasing the album’s CD without any production company in September, they release the album on YouTube.
The most popular name in Bangladesh Band is Jon Kabir. He has numerous fans. After retiring from the popular Band ‘Black”, last year he released an album with his new band ‘Indalo’.
After releasing the CD in September they opened the full album to the public to listen on YouTube.
In the context of the album release on YouTube, Guitarist and vocal Zubair Hasan said, ” this time You Tube or Internet seems us to be a good platform. We’ve done this album with a lot of care and time. We open our album on YouTube for everyone to listen.
About the commercial step, he said, “‘Indalo’ has its own pay YouTube channel. We can earn from there. And this is exactly what we see as a platform, Where the audience would be interested in hearing our music and buy our album.
He also said, “We got a good response from the album. The first album got a decent response from the audience. If you look at our album on YouTube, you will rarely see such a detailed process here to release album on YouTube.
Note that, there is a total of 13 songs on the album. Zubair Hasan wrote all the songs for the album.
The current lineup of the band ‘Indol” is Dio(drums), Zubair(guitar and voice), Bartman (bass and voices) and Jon Kabir (guitar and voice).

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