Germany is world's best country

Germany is world’s best country

Germany is world’s best country

Germany is at the top of the list of World’s best countries. And the US is on the fourth position. This information was disclosed by the survey US News and World Report, Wharton School and Global Brand Consultant BAD of the University of Pennsylvania. It was stated in there. “They are the top countries of the world. But the top country is Germany. Sorry, US. You guys are in the fourth position. And the second is Canada and the third is Britain. However, US has left Sweden back.

On Thursday, it was announced officially on the World Economic Forum at Davos in Switzerland. It was stated in there, “We’ve made this survey on the basis of only several universities, hospitals and other organizations. We just hope, our survey will help to change the world newly for the citizens, commercial leaders and the authorities of the countries.

60 countries made their place in this list of 24 categories. This list was prepared by surveying upon 16 thousand people in 36 countries of the world. But US has made their position on top as a powerful country in the world. Sweden is on the top position on the basis of living within the tree’s, sports, citizenship and child-feeding. Brazil is on top for daring adventures, Luxembourg is for open commerce, France is for culture, Germany is to approach, Canada is for the standard of living, Italy is for heritage and India claimed the top position in Economics because of gaining wealth continuously. And in all categories, Germany is on the top.

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