Film 'sweetheart' video Kenore Tor Majhe

Film ‘sweetheart’ video “Kenore Tor Majhe”

Film ‘sweetheart’ video “Kenore Tor Majhe”

A new music video of the film ‘sweetheart’ has been published on online this Monday. Director Wajid Ali Sumon directed film ‘Sweetheart’ is about release on 12 February.Few days ago a teaser was released and now ‘Kenore Tor Majhe’ titled music video is released. Film actor Riyaj & Mim has acted together in the film for the first time.

Ahmed Humayon & Roma gave voice in ‘Kenore Tor Majhe’ song. Shudip Kumar Dip wrote the song. Ahmed Humayon did the tune & music composition.

In this romantic film, without Riyaj-Mim, there is film actor Bappi Chowdhury, Diti, Probir Mitro, Shompa Reja & Utpol also acted in it. S Reja wrote the film story. Mohammad Rofikujjaman & Abdullah Jahir Babu wrote dialogue.

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