Film ‘Chuye Dile Mon’ will release in India

Film ‘Chuye Dile Mon’ will release in India

Film ‘Chuye Dile Mon’ will release in India

Shihab Shahin’s directed film ‘Chuye Dile Mon’ already touched Bangladeshi viewer’s heart. Now it’s time to touch Indian Bengali’s hearts. On next February, this movie is going to release commercially on western India & Tripura. Indian Piyali films & Zirona entertainment will jointly distribute ‘Chuye Dile Mon’.

However, on the same time Indian movie ‘bela seshe’ will release on Bangladeshi Hall. Soumitra Chattopadhyay & Swatilekha Sengupta acted this film & it’s directed by Shibprasad Mukhopadhyay & Nandita Roy. The film is distributed by the Asiatic and Zirona Bangladesh. Subhajit Roy, managing director of Zirona entertainment informed that the Indian Film Censor Board has issued ‘Chuye Dile Mon’ on 4th December. At the beginning, necessary steps are being taken to release this movie in 15-20 halls. And this number will increase further. Subhajit Roy said, “Bangladeshi film quality is now much improved. As a consequence ‘Chuye Dile Mon’ is now going to be shown in India’s bazaar.”
Shihab Shahin said,”Indian film industry is huge. So the release of ‘Chuye Dile Mon’ will get a huge viewer for Bangladesh”.

‘Chuye Dile Mon’ is produced by Asiatic, Dhoni Chitro & Mon foring. Arefin Shuvo, Momo, Iresh Zaker, Misha Shaudagor, Ali Raj acted in this film. The film was released in Bangladeshi theaters in April.

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