“Ekattur-er Khudiram” directed by Mannan Hira

"Ekattur-er Khudiram" directed by Mannan Hira

An Incipient Feature film “Ekattur-er Khudiram” is commencing their shooting from this Monday. This film is all about our war of Independence, “Ekattur-er Khudiram” directed by Mannan Hira. He also wrote the Story and screenplay. Music composes by Shujay Sham.

mannan hiraThe story of the film “Ekattur-er Khudiram” has rotated in a city town of Shonamukhi. SonamukhiHigh school arranged drama in every year. High school senior teacher Khokon Banarji arranged a drama named “Sahid Khudiram” in this year. In the meantime, Khokon has some argue with Urdu teacher about this drama. The hero of this flim is Alal.

One-day Alal’s Uncle comes to organizing the young people for the Liberation war.

War begins. Biharis kill Khokon Banarji by the order of Urdu teacher of that high school. Alal became crzy by his favorite teacher’s death.

In this film, Sochso acts as Alal, Fojlul Rahman Babu acts as Khokon Banarji, Mamunur Rashid acts as Headmaster and Momena Chowdhuty acts as Alal’s mother. Other stars are Enamul Haq, Chobi, Firoj-al-Mamun and Shaju. Child artists are Rudro, Shakil, Antora, Modhumoni, Munna and Miji.

Mannan Hira said about his film, “It was my dream to make a film about our Liberation war. Some Child artists will be acting in this film’s main Character. I wish I would make a good film about our Liberation war and it will be appreciated by all.”

“It is a Government grant film, but it is not sufficiant to make a film”, he also added. “Ekattur-er Khudiram” is produce by EPIC.

“Ekattur-er Khudiram” directed by Mannan Hira

Nothing is impossible for our Actor, producer Ananta jalil

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