Dipankar Dipon with Prosenjit and Porimoni

Dipankar Dipon with Prosenjit and Porimoni

Dipankar Dipon, director of the movie ‘Dhaka Attack’, announced his second movie ‘Do or Die’ a few days ago in a press conference but he did not say who is acting in this movie.

Later, the conversation with the heroine Porimoni is fairly final. And now he gave us another indication for another movie. Dipan is going to start another new film. The name of the film is not final. Porimoni and actor Prosenjit Chatterjee is acting in this country.

However, it is known that they are not for the movie ‘Do or Die’. Its name has not been select yet. Dipon making this movie based on ‘Operation Kilo Fight’ during our liberation war. For the first time, Air Craft Operation movie is going to be created in Bangladesh. In the film, Bangladeshi many superstars are going to acting

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