Deepika Padukone with Vin Diesel

Deepika Padukone with Vin Diesel

Deepika Padukone with Vin Diesel

Three days ago, Deepika Padukone hinted to work in Hollywood. Now this gets even truer. Hollywood star like Vin Diesel grabbed one of his photographs with her and it made social media outcry. As his face was reversed so it was just a guess. But now they faced the camera.

As a result her fans become optimistic about the chance of Deepika & Vin Diesel working together. It’s heard that, they are going to be seen in new Triple-x series. Its name is ‘Triple -x: The return of Jandar case’. The shooting will be started from this month.

However, after the success of ‘Tamasha’, Deepika went to meet Vin Diesel in America. The ‘Fast and Furious’ seventh series gave them the possibility of working together. But being busy with ‘Happy New Year’ and ‘Goleo ka rasalila Ram-Leela’ Deepika missed the opportunity.

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