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First look of the telemovie 'Destination-2'
2 years ago

First look of the telemovie ‘Destination-2’

First look of the telemovie ‘Destination-2’ Star couple Mousumi & Omor Sani’s son Fardeen Ehsan Shadhin came to limelight by doing the film ‘Destination’. Though parents are famous acting ...

Film 'sweetheart' video Kenore Tor Majhe
2 years ago

Film ‘sweetheart’ video “Kenore Tor Majhe”

Film ‘sweetheart’ video “Kenore Tor Majhe” A new music video of the film ‘sweetheart’ has been published on online this Monday. Director Wajid Ali Sumon directed film ‘Sweetheart’ is ...

Film ‘Bijoygatha' produced by
2 years ago

Film ‘Bijoygatha’ produced by

Film ‘Bijoygatha’ produced by The opening exhibition of the film ‘Bijoygatha’ was held on last Tuesday. Film ‘Bijoygatha’ is all about our liberation war. This event was organized ...

Bangladesh-India co-production film 'Angar'
2 years ago

Bangladesh-India co-production film ‘Angar’

Bangladesh-India co-production film ‘Angar’ Wazed Ali Sumon directing film ‘Angar’ is preparing for the release. Bangladesh-India co-production film ‘Angar’ will be released in the beginning of the year 2016. ...