‘Best of Bappa’ singer Bappa Majumder’s new solo album

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‘Best of Bappa’ singer Bappa Majumder’s new solo album

Singer Bappa Majumdar is much busier with his playback and some jingle voices and at the same time he is doing his solo album as well as band Dalachut works. In all, bappa Majumdar has no time to breathe. The manager of Dalachut band Sahan said that “Our planned was to release a single album of Bappa in first boaisakh, but we have to give enough time to create the theme songs of T20 World Cup and the ‘voice of millions of national anthem songs’. So he could not give the time to this album or other purposes. Now he is at work. Also, he wants to finish the work within the time”. The album was supposed to release to the market at the end of the editing work. Bappa told about this album that “the name of the album is ‘Best of Bappa’ which consist of four CD albums”. Sahan said when he will finish his solo album, after that Bappa will take part in the band album work. The latest solo album of Bappa is “Beche Thako Shobuj” was published in August 2012. It was his ninth solo album. Recently a Robindranath Tagore music album has published in bappa’s directions. Meanwhile, out of the Dolchut band’s album ‘Aye Amontron’ was published in 2010. The band has released five albums so far.

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