Bangladesh is at the risk of earthquake

Bangladesh is at the risk of earthquake

Bangladesh is at the risk of earthquake

Almost 72 thousand venturesome buildings have in Dhaka city. Beyond these risky buildings, have thousands building. If any big earthquake hit in Dhaka and if only these 72 thousands building will collapse, 5 thousand years would take to rescue, if the rescue process takes time like the way of Rana Plaza.

Disaster science and management department’s chairman ASM Maksud of Dhaka university said, if any huge earthquake hit Dhaka city how many years are required to rescue it depends on capacity. But 24 days had needed to rescue in Rana Plaza accident.

He said, if any, massive earthquake hit any country United Nation will take the responsibility of rescuing. They do rescue. Generally the work has to be done within three months. Moreover, many nations and associations come ahead in this work of the world.

An Earthquake specialist informed, in Dhaka has 3 lacs 26 thousands building, according to the calculation of 2009. 72 thousand risky buildings were at that time. Now it’s increased. If Modhupur is the derive place of earthquake and measured 7.6 on the Richter scale, Dhaka will be affected most. That means as close as deriving place as much as will be affected.

After 100 years have the risk of earthquake by mentioning that this professor of Dhaka university said, according that calculation Bangladesh is at the risk of earthquake. We almost spend 100 years. So earthquake would be often. We have now come to that stage.

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