Band LRB has announced to leave BAMBA


Band LRB has announced to leave BAMBA

Band LRB has announced to leave the Bangladesh Musical Band Association (BAMBA). Leader and the main vocalist Ayub Bachchu published his resignation letter last Friday. BAMBA is a top bands organization in our country established in 1987. Band LRB has served as a member since 1991. In his letter, he referred to the inevitable situation and a matter, which are not negotiable. However, he did not clear the reasons in the letter.

LRB LETTERIn the letter, LRB said. “We the band LRB has decided to withdrawal our membership from BMBA from now on 14th March, 2014, forever. Because of unavoidable circumstances and couple of issues which are not negotiable. So in that reason, we withdraw our self (LRB) from BAMBA for lifetime, defiantly we had a great journey and great time with all the members of BAMBA. See you all somewhere around the world. Good bye from today.

Conflicts between LRB and Miles come publicly after T-20 world cup concert on Thursday. Hamin Ahmen, founding member of “Miles”, he is the current BAMBA” president. Miles spokesman Shafin Ahmed blames LRB, without specifying their name for the omission of their concert performance. He published his statements through a facebook video message.

Shafin said, “Particularly this one band, which came to play such a role with many stars over the years and today is such a game they play, they may feel themselves very victorious. But trust me game has just begun. I think we have taken enough.”

Earlier, BAMBA founding president Maqsudul Haq resigned from his executive position and his band “Maqsud and Dhaka” withdraw themselves from BAMBA. Currently BAMBA has 35 members.

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