Bangladesh film festival 2015

Bangladesh film festival 2015

Bangladesh film festival 2015

Bangladesh film festival 2015’ is organized by the Bangladesh Shilpokola Academy and 64 districts, art academy and it starts from 10th December and it will be held until 24 December. In this 15 days, similar movies will be shown in the national art gallery & the other art academies simultaneously.

The festival is inaugurated by the Minister of Culture Minister Asadujjaman Nur on 10 December at the National Art Academy. The information minister Hasanul Haque Inu presents as a chief guest at the occasion. Art Academy Director General Liaquat Ali Lucky preside the occasion and film director Syed Salahuddin, Moshihuddin Shaker & Morshedul Islam present there as a negotiator.

Festival schedule-

11 December- ‘Boishommo’ Director-Adam Doula (10 a.m.)

Alamgir Kabir’s ‘Shimana periye’ (4 p.m.)

Jahir Rayhan’s ‘Kacher deyal’ (6 p.m)

12 December Moshih Uddin Shaker & Shekh Niyamot Ali’s ‘Shurjo Dighol Bari’ (4 p.m)

Proshun Rahnan’s ‘Shutopar Thikana’ (6 p.m)

13 December Goutom Ghosh’s ‘Padma NOdir Majhi’ & ‘Thikana’ (6 p.m)

14 December Badol Rahman’s ‘Emily Goyenda Bahini’ (6 p.m)

15 December, Harunor Roshid’s ‘Megher Onek Rong’ (6 p.m)

16 December (victory day) Morshedul Islam’s ‘Amar bondhu rashed‘ (6 p.m)

17 December, Shubhash Dutta’s ‘Shutorang’ (6 p.m)

18 December,Noman Robin’s ‘common gendar‘ (10 AM)

Tarek Mahmud’s ‘Ranway’ (4 p.m)

Murad Parvej’s ‘brihonnola’ (6 p.m)

19 December, Abu Sayed’s ‘Kirtonkhola’ (4 p.m)

20 December, Syedul Anam Tutul’s ‘ Adhiar’ (6 p.m)

21 December, Tanvir Mokarrom’s ‘Lalon’. (6 p.m)

22 December, Salauddin Jaki’s ‘ghuddi’ (6 p.m)

23 December,Abdullah Al Mamun’s ‘Shareng Bou’ (6 p.m)

24 december,Gaji Rakayet’s ‘Mrittika Maya’ (6 p.m)

Circle Railway Line in the surroundings of Dhaka city

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