Arefin Shuvo is coming with his new film “ Kistimat”

Arefin Shuvo is coming with his new film “ Kistimat”

He will play a police officer role in this film. He’s like a crackpot police officer. Do not have much focus on his duty. However, eventually he became a brave officer. He proved him an extraordinary intelligence. All others are defeated by his intelligence. “Kistimat” is being made with such a thought.

Actress Achol will be Arefin Shuvo’s co-star in this film. “Kistimat” will direct by Ashiqur Rahman, and it will be his second film. His first film was “Gangstar Returns” starring with Apurbo and Piya.

Director said, “This is a romantic-action type film. It’s totally like a chess game.

Arefin Shuvo said, “Now I am busy with Muhammad Mustafa Kamal’s film “Tarkata”. Then I will prepare for the film “Kistimat”.

He also said about Achol, “Achol is a good actor and she is my good friend. We both played separately in several films. For the first time, we are playing together in this film. I hope everyone will enjoy our movie”Kistimat”

I will be a Police Officer in this film. However, my character is different as usual everyone knows. Others stars in this film are Misha showdagor, Tiger Robi and many more.

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