Annoto Jalil film ‘Most Welcome 2’ will release on Eid-ul–Fitr

Most wellcome 2

Annoto Jalil film ‘Most Welcome 2’ will release on Eid-ul–Fitr

Our most favourite Annoto Jalil – Nusrat Aafia Borsha Couple’s fifth movie ‘Most Welcome 2’ will release in Bangladesh on Eid-ul–Fitr. After that, the movie will be released in the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia and Singapore. Onnoto Jalil is the producer as well as performer. SM Shojib, media communications manager of Monsoon Flims that is owned by Annoto Jalil is also confirmed. Shajib said that the shooting of the movie is almost finished. Within a few days “Most Welcome 2 ‘team will be in India for post-production work. Shooting began in February 2012. Bipasha Basu will perform in an item song in this movie. “For the complexity of scheduling, we can’t do the song shooting, now she confirmed the schedule” said the authority. Shajib said while working on post-production in May. Item song will be shot in India by the request of Bipasha Basu. He said, production work would be in Mumbai, Chennai also in Hollywood. Action scenes of this movie are managed by the Hollywood person Taoyat Pan and Bollywood person Delhi Shekhar. The film has six tracks, which are directed by Emon Saha, Tanvir Tareq and Indian Akash. Indian artist Kailas Kher sang a song in cinematic feel.

The story of the most welcome 2 film is based on the discovery of cancer preventive medicine. Bangladeshi scientists are becoming the target of the international criminal circle after discovery of that medicine. Borsha is starring scientists in the movie. Ananta can be seen in the role of a senior police officer. The main villain role will be played by Misha Saodagar as well as Indian actor Jackie Sraph but his scheduled is conceived. Shimul Khan was succeeded in the same role.

Annonto Jalil played Special magistrate Aryan Choudhary role of ACC (Anti – Corruption Commission) in these movies. Borsha played as Odhora Chowdhury.The third movie of Annonto Jalil and Borsha couple is ‘Most Welcome’ and it was released in June 2012. ‘Khoj – The Search’ was the first movie of this couple, which released in 2010. After that “Hridoy vanga dheu” and “Nissarto valobasa” Was release.

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