Al - Jazeera declared to stop in the USA

Al – Jazeera declared to stop in the USA

Al – Jazeera declared to stop in the USA

The television channel ‘Al Jazeera’ declared to stop their broadcast in the USA. It is obvious to say that they have taken this decision just because of failing to attract the audience. The Americans did not take this news channel due to its name. They’ve become confused between “Al – Qaeda’ and ‘Al- Jazeera’.

‘Al-Jazeera’ media group informed that they’ll stop broadcasting their news channel in the USA by the month of April in the current year. As a reason they’ve said that, they’ve taken this decision after verifying the recent market status of televisions in the USA. But the actual fact is Al-Jazeera wrapped up their broadcasting due to the failure to attract the audience.

‘Al – Jazeera America’ started their broadcasting in the USA just before 2 and half years. It was thought to be a brave step to broadcast ‘Al-Jazeera’ to the American audience. It was an attempt to stand as an alternate to the influential news channels CNN and Fox News in that country.

Only to broadcast in America, ‘Al-Jazeera’ had to struggle to match the footsteps with the track of the American broadcasting system instead of using many popular faces on the TV screen from there. Across the entire year of 2015, there were only 19,000 audiences in average.

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