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Adhora Khan started her career with the movie “Choto Choto Asha”

Adhora Khan started her career with the movie “Choto Choto Asha”

Adhora Khan started her career with the movie “Choto Choto Asha”. Bodiuzzaman Bablu directs the Move. In this film, Adhora Khan acts the character called Jui. Another newcomer Arab Khan starred opposite character of Adhora Khan. Now Movie shooting is underway in different locations of Dhaka.

Choreographer Nuhuraj’s dance academy student Adhora had some Photo shoot before her coming to film. When Nuhuraj share these photos on Facebook, director Bablu was chosen Adhora for his film. As Adhora has, no experience of acting director organized some workshop. Adhora learned many details from this workshop.

The story of the film “Choto Choto Asha” rotates around Jui. She is a hilly village girl always dreamed to be the heroine of the film. One day a film unit comes to their village. She makes friendship with the unit and the hero of the movie. When the movie units leave the village, she decided to come to Dhaka and try to act in movies.

Despite family disapproval, Jui leaves for town. She falls into the clutches of women traffickers. However, one day she hs fortunately been is able to escape. Then she meets the hero of the movie. With the help of the hero, she got opportunities in cinema. She knew as the name Kajol.

Adhora said, “After Dhaka, film shooting will be in different locations at Gazipur and Cox-s-bazaar. This movie is “ordeal” for me. My future career is dependent on this film. I am tired to perform my level best. Rest of all depends on fate. I wish to play the main role in the movie with the story of Rabindranatha Tagore and Humayun Ahmed. I will perform regularly, if I have some quality stories.

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