Actress Parineeit Chopra is the Vogue girl of the month February

 Actress  Parineeit Chopra  is the Vogue girl of the month February

Actress  Parineeit Chopra  is the Vogue girl of the month February. She is a girl with simple looks and charming persona. Now a day she is the most promising  actress  in Indian cinema. When she started her career, she was so spontaneous. She shows some talent to everyone with her acting and now she is the top of the younger lot.

Now she is a Vogue girl. The Photography was taken by R Burman. She said about herself, ‘When I left India, go to London, I had actually gone to settle there. Acting was something I never ever thought. Even though I have a superstar in my house. I never got influence. I always wanted to be a banker. I always use to think this glamorous world was all false there is no intelligent requires. However, destiny played its role; I was not getting a job so I came to India. Then I joined Yash Raj Film’s and then everything is changed from there.’

‘It is my first solo Vogue cover which I think it my huge achievement’ she also added. What does fashion mean to her, she said, ‘Nothing, I do not enjoy fashion at all. I am not a fashionable person and cloth does not interest me. It was never my things to get dressed up and that is not changing yet, but I do know once I wear something I do know if its suit me or not’ But she hope she will fall in love with fashion on day.

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