Actress Mousumi a political worker in the film Leader

Actress Mousumi a political worker in the film “Leader”

Actress Mousumi a political worker in the film “Leader”

Actress Mousumi is directly campaigning for her political parties. Her party’s symbol is pigeons. She is moving here and there for seeking votes. Mousumi Completely appear as a political worker. But not in reality, acting. Director Dilshadul Haque c. Mousumi has seen in the song titled ‘Bongobondhu hou abar’. This favorite heroine has not often seen in this type of character. This film will be released in 2016.

In this regard, Director Dilshadul Haque Shimul says, “Leader” is one of the best scripts on the basis of politics of Bangladesh. I am really pleased by giving release the first song of my first movie ‘Leader’. Pray for me so that I can give something especial in Bangla film industry through the film ‘Leader’.

Ferdous, Omar Sani, Nijhum Rubina, Ahmed Sharif, Shahidul Alam Shachhu, Shohel khan and many including in this film

Noticeable, Dilshadul Haque Shimul’s documentary film ‘Sultan’ has released in current years in October. The subject matter of this film is about the legendary film director Tareaq Masud. Meanwhile, the film has been participating in several exhibitions. Director is still continuing the exhibition of the film “Sultan” by visiting various places of the country.

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