Actress Diti is dying

Actress Diti is dying

Actress Diti is dying

She’s dying. Stop asking me about her. Stop giving me bullshit condolences that she will recover soon. There’s nothing else doctors can do for her. Now she has developed secondary Parkinsons disease from radiation side effects. Her cancer is not going to kill her. Her tumor is not back. The radiation is what did this to her.

On the regard of her own mother’s health condition as said heroine Diti’s daughter Lamia Chowdhury. Suffering from cancer Dits’s health condition backwards. Due to the side effects of chemotherapy her treatment is out of capability. As informed daughter Lamia in one Facebook post on Monday.

Diti now is admitted in the Madraj Institute of Orthopedics and Tramalogy (MIOT) in Chennai in India. Praying to God Diti’s daughter said I will not pray for her recovery anymore and if you are praying then please pray for a quick and easy departure for her. Not an extended life of a lab rat. If God has mercy he will do the kind thing and end her suffering fast. At some point we need to understand life is a boon for the healthy and a curse on those suffering. Allah gives my mother the gift of death. She had put all her faith in You. Even now, she does not call us, but she still remembers You. Allah does the right thing.

Last year 3rd November she has been taken to Chennai second times. Finishing first time treatment in last 20th September backs in the country this popular actress. Again got ill because of the side effects of Chemotherapy. Getting admitted in capital’s Square Hospital. Again took her to Chennai due to an unchanged condition.

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