1min compensation for every call drop

1min compensation for every call drop

1min compensation for every call drop

Mobile phone subscribers will get 1min compensation for every call drop, said telecommunication minister Tarana Halim.
She is visiting Malaysia and Singapore and informed this news on Friday (22 January), on her Facebook page.
She wrote, “mobile phone operators will get 1 minute compensation for every call drop.”
Before going to Singapore, on the occasion of government’s two year anniversary, she said at a press conference that, from the current year call drop compensation will be implemented for the customers.
Tarana Halim wrote on the Facebook page. “Customer satisfaction is the main goal of the Department of Post and Telecommunications. For This purpose a meeting was organized with the all mobile operator CEO. They were granted a deadline to improve their network quality and customer service standards. And the BTRC was told to make an effective decision for call drop.

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